I love back pain.
Said no one ever.

Dear patients

After 5 wonderful years, we will be leaving Hackescher Markt on June 15th and moving entirely
to our new practice at Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 16 in Prenzlauer Berg, 
just behind the cherry trees. Our excitement to see you remains unchanged.

Your chiropractors in Berlin

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Chiropraxis für Chiropraktik in Berlin-Mitte - Praxis Ansicht Chiropraktiker Anne Messerschmidt bei der chiropraktischen Behandlung eines Patienten in der Chiropraxis Berlin-Mitte Chiropraktik Berlin-Mitte - Anne Messerschmidt von WeAreChiro am Fenster

»Every organ is connected
to the one under your hat.«

B.J. Palmer

In a nutshell: Chiropractic is a holistic and natural treatment approach that deals with our spinal health and the functioning of our nervous system. Not just science, but also real life shows us every day that everything is connected. This is what chiropractic is based on. You are now wondering what you’ll get in the end? A big applause from your body, that is finally able to function at its optimum.

Chiropraktiker & Chiropraktik Berlin-Mitte - Anne Messerschmidt Porträt

»The best time to start with chiropractic care is straight after birth.
The second best time is now.«

Chiropraktik Berlin-Mitte und Prenzlauer Berg - Kreis mit Beschriftung

Why chiropractic?

There are countless reasons why chiropractic can be good for you. No matter if you are 1 day old or 111.111 days, if you are tall or little, if you are a sportaholic or a workaholic – it is our goal to help each and every one to reach their full potential. One human at a time.

Chiropraktik Berlin - Anwendungsfall Rückenschmerzen


You get up in the morning and already feel like the 23 years old neighbor dog? The occasional lumbago is always just a wrong step away?

Chiropraktiker Berlin - Anwendungsfall Kopfschmerzen und Schwindel

Headaches & vertigo

A crown is no cure for a headache and dizziness, in many cases chiropractic care can be.

Chiropraktiker & Chiropraktik Berlin - Anwendungsfall Schwangerschaft


For 40 weeks a pregnant body is at maximum performance. We can support it to adapt, to avoid back pain and to prepare for the delivery.

Chiropraktiker Berlin - Anwendungsfall Neugeborene und Kinder

Newborns & kids

Delivery is a major feat for your mini-me. Not uncommonly muscular tensions can appear and manifest themselves in various symptoms.

Chiropraktiker Berlin - Anwendungsfall Sportler*innen


No matter if professional or recreational sport, the body must function correctly to avoid injuries. Those can result from false patterns of posture and movement.

Chiropraktikerin Berlin - Anwendungsfall Prävention


Hooray, no physical complaints? Then you’re in the right place at we are chiro. Chiropractic works best as a preventive measure. We help your body to keep on functioning well.

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